Supplying Artwork

Garment Printing

When supplying artwork for garment printing please take note that we can produce two types of finish these are vinyl cut and transfer types. Please look at these basic guidelines below so that we can guarantee what you supply will produce a high quality printed garment.

How to send artwork to us?

If you are buying a product from our web site and their is no option to upload an image you can send alternatively send files up to 5Mb to us on email to info[at] or if your artwork is greater than 5Mb you can send it via a file transfer service like or alternative.

Artwork for CAD Cut Vinyl

This type of process is to be used for standard lettering and vector (clip art) with simple outlines because the artwork is cut out using a CAD plotter. If we feel that the artwork supplied is too complicated for this process we will suggest the full colour transfer option.

Artwork for Full Colour Transfers

We are able to accept artwork for your t-shirt up to an unlimited colours to reproduce your artwork. Maybe you might have a photograph that you would like to send to use for your t-shirt then this process is the best.

Accepted file formats

We can accept the following file formats Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign CC. When supplying Illustrator files please make sure all lettering or graphics are converted to outlines/curves. All images must be embedded and the format must be either PDF, JPEG, TIF, EPS or BMP files. If you are supplying a Photoshop document the graphics must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

Remember images or artwork obtained from search engines and websites are not acceptable as it will be protected by copyright unless you have permission from the rightful owner to reproduce.

Note: Images supplied at 72dpi will NOT be suitable for reproduction in print.

If you are unsure how to supply artwork

If you do not have your artwork in any of the formats or are not sure on how to supply your artwork please use the form below and we will be happy to assist you.