How to Organise A Great Stag Party

If you’ve been handed the responsibility and honour of being a Groom’s Best Man, it’s up to you to not only make the planning and wedding itself as easy as possible for him, but also organise a fun and memorable stage party that him and his friends will love.

Planning a perfect stag do can be a bit overwhelming; with the needs of potentially a lot of people to consider, it can be perhaps the most difficult part of a Best Man’s duties. But, don’t worry! Here at onscreengraphics, we’ve put together some top tips on how you can plan the perfect stag do for your mates and be the toast of the wedding!

Save the Dates

Before you start planning anything, confirm any important wedding-related dates with the groom beforehand and, crucially, the wedding date itself. You might find that the bride and groom have activities leading up to the wedding – like wedding rehearsals, meetings with wedding planners or family engagements – which you might need to avoid or plan around.

If you’re planning a stag party over a longer period, say a weekend or a few days, take into account if you’ll need time to ‘recover’ from your party – do you really want to be turning up for a wedding worse for wear? Also remember to set some time aside to organise any activities you may want to do whilst on your stag party – researching activities, locations, costs and activities can take time!

Confirm The Attendees

Once you’ve identified a suitable date/s, confirm with the Groom who will want to attend. If you can, always give people enough time to arrange time off or things like childcare to maximise the number of people who can make it to your stag trip. At this point, you might want to setup a dedicated WhatsApp or Facebook group chat with everyone involved to make relaying information easy.

One thing to consider when confirming numbers for a stag party is the total size of the group. As the Best Man, you’re responsible for not just the wellbeing of the groom, but also the organisation of everything involved; like booking flights or hotels and collecting money. Co-ordination of large group activities can become stressful, so always bear in mind that the larger the group, the more organisation – and patience – that will be required to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Confirm Your Location, Activities and Costs

Once you know the numbers involved, start looking at possible activities, locations and travel requirements. There are a wealth of companies that can organise stag weekends (or longer) away in the UK, Europe or further afield, so it’s definitely worth spending some time to see what offers there are and if these would be suitable for your group.

If you decide to organise a trip through a company, always check out any customer reviews online and get a clear rundown of what you’re paying for beforehand! Once you’ve confirmed your plans, you can then present to costs to the attendees and begin the – hopefully! – easy task of collecting the cash to get everything booked!

What to Wear

Finally, and depending on where you’re heading, you might want to consider either fancy dress or custom clothing for the Stag, or everyone attending. Luckily, we offer a whole host of customisable stag party t-shirts and products that you can customise toy your heart’s content – so why not take a look and get customising!

If you’re organising a stag party and need some custom t-shirts printed, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.