Iron-on transfers

  • Using a domestic Iron choose the hottest setting 160ºC.
  • Set up your hard surface, ironing board or preferably a marble worktop.
  • Iron over garment for a few seconds to remove any moisture.
  • Position clear transfer squarely on the garment.
  • Apply a firm pressure with the hand to secure transfer to garment.
  • Cover transfer with tracing paper and Iron over for approx 15-20 seconds making sure all of the transfer has been pressed.
  • Peel carrier film slowly when warm to the touch and check to make sure that the transfer has bonded before removing completely.
  • Re-apply tracing paper and Iron over for approx 5-7 seconds it’s just to make sure that all the transfer has bonded.

How to apply iron-on transfers

Watch our YouTube video showing an illustrated guide to the application of our vinyl transfers.

When choosing a manufacturer’s clothing they will fit differently,
by using the size guides below will help with your guidance.

Chest: Using a tape measure choose the widest part of your chest.
Waist: Choose the narrowest part of your waistline.
Neck: Comfortably measure your neck with a tape measure.
Sleeve: Bend your elbow then measure the point from the centre of your neck to the elbow ending at the wrist.
Inseam: The point from your crotch to your ankle.

Fruit of the loom
Unisex/Loose fit dimensions:

S – Width = 48.5cm Length = 69.5cm
M – Width = 53.5cm Length = 72cm
L – Width = 56cm Length = 74.5cm
XL – Width = 61cm Length = 77cm
2XL – Width = 66cm Length = 78.5cm
ladyfit t-shirt

Fruit of the Loom
Lady-fit dimensions:

XS – Width = 41.5cm Length = 61cm
S – Width = 44cm Length = 62cm
M – Width = 46.5cm Length = 63cm
L – Width = 49cm Length = 64cm
XL – Width = 51.5cm Length = 65cm
2XL – Width = 54cm Length = 66cm

Men and Ladies size guide

Russell – Ladies hoodies

XS – Size to fit chest 30/32
S – Size to fit chest 32/34
M – Size to fit chest 35/36
L – Size to fit chest 36/38
XL – Size to fit chest 38/40
2XL – Size to fit chest 40/42
mens hoodies size guide

Gildan Mens hoodies

S – Width = 48.5cm Length = 68cm
M – Width = 54cm Length = 72cm
L – Width = 59cm Length = 73cm
XL – Width = 64cm Length = 78cm
2XL – Width = 69cm Length = 81cm