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vinyl sticker application

Vinyl Sticker Application

1. Make sure your surface area is clean before applying sticker.
2. Place sticker on table or suitable flat surface.
3. With your finger/credit card carefully rub over entire sticker area to make sure sticker is bonded to application tape.
4. Carefully remove the paper from the back of the sticker making sure parts of sticker does not lift off (repeat Step 3 if it does).
5. Position your sticker to your surface making sure it looks square.
6. Rub over the sticker making sure all areas have been covered.
7. Carefully remove the “Application Tape” and you should have a perfectly placed sticker.

Iron-On Transfers

1. Using a domestic Iron choose the hottest setting 160ºC.
2. Set up your hard surface, ironing board or preferbly a marble worktop. 3. Iron over garment for a few seconds to remove any moisture. 4. Position clear transfer squarely on the garment.
5. Apply a firm pressure with the hand to secure transfer to garment.
6. Cover transfer with tracing paper and Iron over for approx 15-20 seconds making sure all of the transfer has been pressed.
7. Peel carrier film slowly when warm to the touch and check to make sure that the transfer has bonded before removing completely.
8. Re-apply tracing paper and Iron over for approx 5-7 seconds it’s just to make sure that all the transfer has bonded.

Club Badge | Sponsor Transfer Printing

Club /Sponsor Transfer

1. Using a domestic iron set dial to maximum temperature.
2. Make sure the iron is empty of all water and Steam is turned to off.
3. Set up your hard surface, ironing board or preferably a marble worktop.
4. Iron over garment for a few seconds to remove any moisture.
5. Position transfer squarely the right way up onto the garment.
6. Cover with tracing/greaseproof paper and iron over for approx 30 seconds making sure all of transfer has been pressed.
7. Leave the transfer until the paper is is cool to the touch.
8. When cold remove the transfer backing paper carefully, the transfer will have a glossy finish. If you require a matte finish re-apply tracing paper and press again for approx 5 seconds. If not please ignore this step.
9. Remove the sheet after 5 seconds and your transfer is now complete.

T-Shirt Size Guide

Loose fit dimensions:
S - Width = 48.5cm Length = 69.5cm
M - Width = 53.5cm Length = 72cm
L - Width = 56cm Length = 74.5cm
XL - Width = 61cm Length = 77cm
2XL - Width = 66cm Length = 78.5cm

Lady fit dimensions:
XS - Width = 41.5cm Length = 61cm
S - Width = 44cm Length = 62cm
M - Width = 46.5cm Length = 63cm
L - Width = 49cm Length = 64cm
XL - Width = 51.5cm Length = 65cm
2XL - Width = 54cm Length = 66cm

tshirt size guide

Hoodies dimensions:
XS - A = 46cm x B = 66cm
S - A = 51cm x B = 69cm
M - A = 56cm x B = 71cm
L - A = 61cm x B = 76cm
XL - A = 66cm x B = 66cm
XL - A = 71cm x B = 79cm