Hen Party Locations

So the big date has been set and you’ve been handed the task of organising a great stag or hen do for the groom or bride and your friends, but now comes perhaps one of the toughest decisions for any Best Man or Maid of Honour: Where’s the best place to go for a fun and exciting stag or hen party?

With such a wealth of locations to choose from both here in the UK and further afield, choosing where to have your stag or hen party can be a bit of a daunting process if you’re catering for a large group. Not only will you have the initial outlay of the trip and activities, but you may also need to consider your party ‘expenses’; such as food, alcohol and the local nightlife, too. Stag and Hen parties can become quite expensive if you don’t plan ahead, so we’ve put together a list of 5 great stag and hen party locations that won’t leave you with a financial headache!

Brighton – UK

With its’ iconic pebble beaches and bustling nightlife, Brighton makes a great choice for those looking for a UK-based stag or hen party. With a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and plethora of nightclubs and unique bars to choose from, having a stag or hen party in Brighton really does make sense if you’re looking for somewhere easy to reach and not too expensive, either.Being a popular stag & hen party city also means that many of the cities nightclubs are willing to accommodate larger parties – meaning you shouldn’t find yourself being turned away from the cities best night spots. And with an abundance of cheap accommodation and fairly reasonable prices for food and drink, Brighton does make a sound UK choice.

Budapest – Hungary

Going a little further afield, Budapest has recently become a popular choice for stag and hen parties looking for something a little more off the beaten track.A city steeped in history; there are plenty of sights to see in Budapest. Looking to take it easy? Then try one of the many Roman baths dotted around the city. Looking for something a little more intense? Then maybe try shooting some guns or driving some ex-Soviet tanks for a bit of a thrill! Throw in a huge number of 24-hour bars, clubs and draft beers costing as little as 50p, and you can see why Budapest has become such a popular destination.

Amsterdam – Holland

With its’ world renowned nightlife, coffee shops and laid-back atmosphere, Amsterdam’s reputation as being one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities is well-deserved.Only a short trip from many UK airports, Amsterdam offers all the hedonism you could possibly want from a stag or hen party. With food and drink costs being comparable to here in the UK, and unless you’re looking to get involved in some of the city’s less salubrious activities, it’s a destination that’s easily affordable, too!

Berlin – Germany

Germany’s capital city has become an increasingly popular stag and hen party destination thanks to its’ diverse nightlife that caters for just about any taste. Berlin’s nightclubs have gained a reputation of being some of the best and craziest in the world – perfect for those looking to really have a stag or hen party go off with a bang!

Being Germany’s capital city also makes getting cheap flights and hotels a relatively easy process with prices to suit even the most miserly of budgets. And with a huge variety of sights and activities you can take part in, it’s easy to see why Berlin has become such a popular party destination.

Prague – Czech Republic

Like Budapest, Prague has gained a fantastic reputation for being the destination of choice for stag and hen parties looking for fun on a budget.

Blessed with a huge number of nightclubs and bars that are often open 24-hours, drinks and food are criminally inexpensive – with some lagers being as cheap as 85p! There are also a whole host of companies that arrange stag-related activities that will appeal to anyone’s tastes.

Wherever you choose to go on your stag or hen party, always do your research beforehand to get the most for your money and of course, stay safe! And if you’re needing some fantastic stag or hen party t-shirts, check out our range in our shop!